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  • Peach Teat Pull Through Black

    £3.96 inc. VAT
    £3.30 exc. VAT
  • Udderly EZ Sheep Milking Kit / Cattle Kit

    £155.40 inc. VAT
    £129.50 exc. VAT
  • Peach Teats Screw In Pink

    £4.08 inc. VAT
    £3.40 exc. VAT
  • Tell Tail Aerosol Tail Paint / Animal Marker – 500ml

    £9.54 inc. VAT
    £7.95 exc. VAT
  • Peach Teats Screw In Black

    £4.08 inc. VAT
    £3.40 exc. VAT
  • Himalayan Rock Salt 25kg

    £13.95 exc. VAT
  • Hiko Calf Teat – Automatic Drinkers / Calf Buckets. Round Hole or X Piercing

    £1.97 inc. VAT
    £1.64 exc. VAT
  • Stallion SC1 Single Teat Feeder

    £26.40 inc. VAT
    £22.00 exc. VAT


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Pasturetec are an independent agricultural business, with a strong focus on the livestock sector.

We specialise in grass and forage-based systems, offering grazing management advice, soil testing and analysis and a comprehensive range of soil testing services.

Our team are specialists in Electric Fencing Livestock Performance and Agri Tech products, including Weighing equipment, EID Readers and integration into other software to drive performance and manage costs. In addition to that we also provide a premium range of proven farming workwear and footwear from quality brands such as Stoney Creek and Skellerup.

We pride ourselves on our customer service and on farm technical support is a key part of what we do with all of our agri tech solutions to ensure that we can deliver maximum value from your investment. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team to find out more.


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